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The 64 / 12 / 3 Plan for Sinus Health

Sinus problems, particularly when they are aggravated by environmental allergies, can be a very uncomfortable chronic situation.  You may find yourself contemplating diet changes, sleeping changes, surgery, allergy shots etc.    But we all want simpler answers, right?  Of course!  So here are Dr. Girgis's top three tips to quickly improve the way you feel:

  1. Make sure you drink 64 oz. of water EVERY SINGLE DAY.  This will make your body run more optimally and will provide the necessary liquid for your sinus drainage to stay the right consistency.


  2. Keep dairy products to a minimum in your diet.  Specifically, limit your consumption of dairy products to 12 oz. or less, per day.  Dairy products are the enemy of free flowing mucus.  


  3. Your body produces stomach acid for 3 hours after you eat.  Stomach acid is at the scene of the crime VERY OFTEN when people have sinus problems.  Indeed stomach acid has even been found INSIDE peoples' upper sinuses!   For your comfort, STOP EATING AT LEAST THREE HOURS BEFORE YOU GO TO BED!